Wednesday, July 27, 2011

.Net Documentation with SandCastle

Hi folks,

today i am bringing something that most of the people try to skip, create documentation to their code. I am going to show you how to use ghost doc together with sandcastle to produce a beautiful chm documentation file.

Tools (install in order):

1 - Sand Castle

2 - Sand Castle Help File Builder

3 - Ghost Doc (Visual Studio Plugin)

Using Ghost Doc:

1 - Right button over the method or class name you want to comment and press "document this" in the context menu:

2 - Write your comments:

3 - In your project properties check the XML documentation file:

4 - Build your project

Using Sand Castle Help File Builder:

1 - Create New Project: File/New Project

2 - Add References and Documentation Source (XML and dll generated by Visual Studio when you build your project)

3 - Setup your project in the project properties

4 - Build your help file: Documentation/Build Project

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