Thursday, April 18, 2013 + GrowlForWindows + SyndicationFeed = RealtimeNotifications

Long time no see :)

But it doens't mean i was doing nothing. In fact lately i was going around with some technologies and how to integrate them between each other. Because it requires some code and not only snippets i created a project in codeplex @ where you can download the source code and try. Basically what the project dows for now is a integration between the technology and GrowlForWindows or rss feeds and GrowlForWindows.

If you dont know GrowlForWindows check it at .

The project strutcture is all based in Notifiers. A Notifier can be a publisher or a subscriber, or both.

Some things are still to be done.

- Custom configuration sections for each type of Notifier, wich are called providers.
- Windows Service with integration between the different technologies.
- MSI with custom action to configure the windows service

Those are the big goals for the next weeks, and after that the creation of providers for different technologies.

To see all this working do the following:

- Install growl for windows
- Open the codeplex project solution
- Run the project with name JF.RealtimeNotifications.Test.Console
- Open in the browser

After this you should see a growl notification appearing.

Hope this can be usefull for you

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