Tuesday, December 14, 2010

No geek

Because today i dont feel like writing about software, i will make a no geek post, and will start with the first thing that will come to my mind.

My girlfriend, i would like to thanks to her all the patience she has with me, when i am moody, when i am childish, when i am stressed and a bunch of other states, also everything she does for me, all the help she give me, even when she is pressuring me to study, because if she would not do it i wouldnt study at all, or at least much less, so thank you very much Moje Kochanie :)

Now coming back to me, just for you not to think i have stopped writing about geek stuff, just wanted to let   you know that i am going to start with a season about asp.net, i will translate some articles from http://www.pplware.com , and i will start also a review about the book Code Complete from Steve McConnel, and of course ill continue with the code snippets that are allways usefull. Probably you will be wondering why im writing direct to you, my readers, but it has a reason, in the last days even if i was talking with some people about it i received more visits than the ones i was expecting, so i decided to do something for you and start writing some set of articles about different subjects, and of course it will allways be a pleasure to have some feedback from you.

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