Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ubuntu - Magic Mouse

Today i am not writing about Microsoft. For some people it might look like a sin but for me it means i am open to other tecnologies, ideas.
I have been installing ubuntu in my machine today because i heard that the last version supports the Apple Magic Mouse out of the box, so i was curious about it, because i have a Magic Mouse and in Windows 7 the only thing i manage to put to work was the button left and right.

So if you are planning to install ubuntu in dual boot with windows, the only point where you dont have just to press the button forward is when you will need to create the partitions wich are:

Primary 500Mb /boot
Primary Free Space /
Primary 5000Mb swap area

after everything installed you just need to go to the bluetooth symbol and connect to your Magic Mouse, the pin is 0000.

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